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Introducing Drion NZ's CEO and Women's Health Advocate

Meet Belinda

Drion NZ CEO and women's health advocate Belinda Falconar talks about Drion sanitary products and how they changed her life.


Meet Belinda


Real Stories From Real Women About Drion Sanitary Pads

  • Elanita Korian, Acupuncturist – California USA

    It’s hard to remember to do something everyday to benefit your body; like drinking enough water or eating the right foods. For me I’ve got one item in my daily routine that I never forget to do – its using Drion sanitary products. It feels weird to say that a feminine pad can make a difference in your life but I’m telling you it can.

    My amazing coworker Belinda at Aroha Acupuncture in Wellington had praised their ability in helping with vaginal health but initially I was still skeptical. When I ran out of my normal pads from the US while living in NZ, I finally decided to give them a chance – I had also been having some issues with vaginal dryness and irritation due to long-term use of the birth control pill.

    To make a long story short – within 1 month of using the daily panty liner I began to notice a change in vaginal irritation/dryness and within 3 months difference was amazing. Not only have I experienced the benefits of this product – Drion does not contain any pesticides, chemicals, or dyes and being biodegradable they have less impact on the environment.

    Elanita Korian, Acupuncturist – California USA
  • Nicole Retter - Wellington

    I’m a Drion convert, I felt so much more confident having the high absorbency paired with the low profile – truly a fantastic product!

    Nicole Retter - Wellington
  • J. Gee - Wellington

    I have been using the Drion pantyliners since I went to one of Belinda's talks.  Last week I thought I would try a cheaper brand at Commonsense, never again, I am sticking to Drion!

    J. Gee - Wellington
  • T. Joseph - Tauranga

    Drion Sanitary pads have changed my life.  They are so comfortable and long lasting. Thanks Drion you are amazing and I could never go back to using normal Sanitary pads.

    T. Joseph - Tauranga
  • Monica - Auckland

    I haven’t used sanitary pads in decades, the only thing I have been using is tampons. I didn’t like the pads, they were irritating to my skin, I felt dirty and found them a hassle. Once in a while I would try them again and was instantly put off. So when Belinda talked about her Drion pads, my first reaction was: “Nice idea, but not for me”.

    But still, her story and product struck a chord and it got me thinking – what is in the tampons that I use? So I gave the Drion pads a go and I can highly recommend them! No skin irritation, it’s clean, no smell. Drion really delivers what it promises. I have now been using Drion for 4 months and with every cycle, I have felt less discomfort and it went more smoothly. I never thought this could be possible!

    Monica - Auckland
  • Robin - Wellington

    I am a private caregiver, specialising in dementia care. I am recommending Drion sanitary products to my incontinent patients, as I find they not only work extremely well as pantyliners, they also get rid of any odours and last much longer during the day than other brands. Is there any particular reason why you don’t advertise this use of your products? With the huge increase in the upper age group of women, this aspect of your product would be helpful to them.

    Robin - Wellington
  • Gina Chamberlain - Wellington

    I’m a huge fan of Drion’s sanitary products after the lovely Belinda at Aroha Acupuncture suggested I try them to help avoid the risk of bacterial infection from tampon use. I didn’t think I’d go back to sanitary pads, but Drion’s products are far superior to everything I’d previously tried. They have excellent absorption and as they stay dry for longer are very economical. Keep up the good work!

    Gina Chamberlain - Wellington
  • Julie Wagstaff - Wellington

    These are great! Super absorbent and don't smell like other pads. I would recommend.

    Julie Wagstaff - Wellington
  • Komal Chiiba - Wellington

    My two teenage girls and I all use Drion pads. They are very absorbent, and have helped considerably for all of us. I would highly recommend to all women and young teenagers.

    Komal Chiiba - Wellington
  • Belinda Falconar, Acupuncturist - Wellington

    I used the Drion liners every day and the day/night pads with my periods, and every month I noticed a difference. Amazing product!

    Belinda Falconar, Acupuncturist - Wellington
  • Lucy Edwards, Naturopath - Wellington

    I recently tried these (Drion pads) and what a great product!

    Lucy Edwards, Naturopath - Wellington
  • Maria Hoses - Spain

    I've had problems with my periods all my adult life. Now, I won't go for a month without DRION. No more Itchiness and Foul Odor! Thanks to DRION! All my worries are gone!

    Maria Hoses - Spain
  • Kathy Jones - Austrailia

    The most fantastic product I've ever seen. It has done miracles to my family. I used to have my period only once a year, but now I'm having it regularly! DRION, you're simply AMAZING!!!

    Kathy Jones - Austrailia

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Drion sanitary products contain a green strip with Negative Ions and Far I-R. Drion NZ does not directly claim the products improve women's health due to the Negative Ions and Far I-R as we don’t have the scientific research to substantiate such a claim. Drion do have tests to prove the green strip contains Negative Ions and Far I-R but nothing which specifically points to any health benefits being a direct result of any one of the elements within the products.

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Drion sanitary products are hypoallergenic, ultra-absorbent and technologically advanced, and support menstrual comfort. They contain a green strip infused with far infrared rays and negative ions. Drion sanitary products also help minimise odours.

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