Introducing Belinda Falconar

Hi, I’m Belinda and I’m an acupuncturist, holistic health practitioner and an advocate for women’s health. About 4 years ago I became the NZ distributor for Drion  products. I was introduced to Drion through a colleague in Australia and discovered that they had an incredibly positive effect on my menstrual health and wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of my clients.

As a health professional, I help people boost their energy and immunity, deal with stress, pain and chronic conditions. I’m a specialist when it comes to healthy menstruation and menopause and when I discovered Drion and experienced the life-changing impact it had on my own life, I became passionate about sharing that knowledge and making the products readily available to women in NZ.

I recently became a grandmother which I am loving! I'm also enjoying being able to pass on my health knowledge and experience to my daughter. I do feel a responsibility to share this  wisdom with other women as well. I'm often speaking to groups of women about making healthier choices around their personal care products and spreading awareness about the chemicals and nasties that lurk in most sanitary products and how they can negatively impact women's health.

After years of struggling with painful periods and intense PMS, I was amazed how just by changing from mainstream supermarket brand pads to Drion pads, could make such a huge difference. I was also delighted to discover the supportive energetic properties of the negative ions and the far infrared energy in the signature green strip embedded in each pad and liner.

So, if you are looking for a new generation sanitary pad that is comfortable, ultra absorbent, chemical-free and easy on the environment, then Drion is the product for you!

Give it a try and I look forward to hearing how Drion helps you have a more comfortable period.

Belinda X
Owner of Drion NZ & Aroha Acupuncture
BHSc In Acupuncture
Diplomas in Tuina and Qigong
Member of the NZ Register of Acupuncturists
ACC Registered

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