What are Negative Ions?

Derived from the Greek word meaning up, negative ions are atoms with more electrons than protons. They are thought to have unique properties and are believed to support energy levels and positive mood.

Negative ions are abundant in natural environments such as the oceans, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, forests and after meteorological events such as lightning storms. You can even feel the energising effects of negative ions after having a shower. 

Conversely cations or positive ions, atoms with more protons than electrons, are prevalent in man made environments such as homes, shopping malls and workplaces where computers, smart phones, wi-fi networks, artificial lighting and microwaves are commonplace. Cations can contribute to feelings of lethargy, tiredness and irritability. You can feel the effects of negative ions in the heavy atmosphere before a storm.

There are over 6000 negative ions in the green strip contained in each Drion pad and liner. Antibacterial properties reduces odours and helps keep you in a good mood on your period!

What are Far Infrared rays?

Invisible to the human eye, far infrared rays produce gentle energetic vibrations (over 30 per second) that create warmth which supports healthy metabolism in tissues and cells. Together with the negative ions, they have an overall positive effect on menstrual cycles.

Why doesn't Drion supply Tampons?

Tampons block the natural downward and outward flow of menstrual blood, causing the blood to back-up and stagnate, which often contributes to discomfort and PMS.

Tampons can also leak toxic chemicals directly into the bloodstream adding another toxic load for the Liver to remove. Tampons leave fibres behind in the vagina. They also dry out the lubricating and self-cleaning fluids that the vagina naturally produces, and cause micro tears inside the vagina, making it more vulnerable to bacterial infection.

The vaginal tissues are the most absorbent and sensitive part of a women's body, so for good menstrual health we recommend that women don't use tampons - even organic ones.

What is the Impact of Drion Products on the Environment?

Hygienically wrapped and sealed in air laid paper (not plastic!), Drion sanitary products pose no toxic threat to women or the environment, and unlike most competitors’ products, they are biodegradable and compostable under the correct conditions.

Drion products are free from toxic chemicals and potential irritants used by most other mainstream brands. These nasties include artificial dyes, chlorine, dioxins, GMO’s, rayon, viscose, carbon disulphide, sulphuric acid, phthalates, pesticides and herbicides, odour neutralizers and synthetic adhesives.

Drion sanitary products contain pine resin polymers, organic food grade natural starch adhesive, organic cotton and air laid papers. The signature green strip in each pad and liner contains tourmaline which is a semi-precious stone.

Because Drion products are more absorbent than other products and contain the protective properties of negative ions and far infrared energy, women can wear a pad all day and still feel clean, dry and comfortable. That reduces the number of pads that end up in the landfill and the monthly cost of sanitary products.

How do Drion Products Compare to Other Brands of Sanitary Products?

Advanced Technology

Drion products are a totally new generation of sanitary products which are a far cry from the lumpy surf boards that have given pads such a bad reputation. Drion pads are slim, dry and warm to the touch and incredibly absorbent. 

Drion pads and liners are also the only pads available in New Zealand that include the signature green strip containing the semi-precious stone tourmaline. When this strip comes into contact with the warmth and moisture of the body, it releases it's natural properties of negative ions and far infrared energy. These natural properties help to minimise odours and help women to feel better overall during their menstrual period. That is a huge bonus!

Dedicated to Supporting Women's Health

Drion is the only company to supply a Vaginal Health Self-Test Kit and it comes FREE within each pack of pads and liners. The kit contains a PH test strip and cotton bud so women can monitor their vaginal health each month. The vagina is naturally acidic to keep out pathogenic factors. If your test is not normal, keep using the Drion Pantiliners every day and if you are concerned, consult your GP.


Drion products can quickly absorb between 50-100mls of menstrual blood, and still feel dry to touch and comfortable to wear. Most other products only absorb between 10-50mls of menstrual blood and poorly retain the fluid, so they become uncomfortable and need replacing sooner.

With Drion products, fluid is locked into the pine resin polymers ensuring no embarrassing moments! The ultra-absorbency of Drion sanitary products also makes them a popular option for light bladder leakage.

To view our comparative absorbency demonstration video, click here: https://youtu.be/sAVk08RuFYo

Superior Packaging

Drion sanitary products are the only sanitary products that are truly hygienic and sanitary. Drion is the only company to supply Pads and liners in resealable packs. Also every Drion pad and pantiliner is fully sealed so they remain sanitary at all times.

Most competitors’ packs cannot be resealed once opened, and each pad is not fully sealed and is not actually sanitary or hygienic.

Many women store their pads and liners in bathrooms where bacteria, moulds and other nasties proliferate and easily transfer to unsealed products which then transfers to you! Other favourite places to store pads and liners are office drawers, gym bags, lockers, glove boxes and hand bags.

Note: Unsanitary and toxic sanitary products can contribute to increased bleeding and cramping, irregular menstrual flow, abdominal pain, hormonal and endocrine system disruption, nausea, headaches and mood swings.

Longevity and Cost Effective Value

Women can wear Drion sanitary pads and liners for longer. A Drion pad can be comfortably worn all day, depending on flow, as they are ultra-absorbent and don't need to be changed as often as other brands. That's less pads to buy and less for the landfill!

Can I go swimming on my period?

My advice is that we need to take extra special care of ourselves in the lead up to and during our period. At this time our body is working extra hard to clear out the lining of the uterus that it was hoping would be a nice nest for an embryo. Our immune system is challenged at this time; we feel extra tired, achy and more cold than usual, so it's common sense to take extra care and rest more. Moderate exercise is good especially just before your period and can help reduce cramping.

Swimming, however, introduces cold into the body. Our cervix is more open than usual and even if swimming in a heated pool, cold can get into the uterus and cause fertility and low thyroid issues. Cold contracts tissues and blood. Contraction causes more cramping, more clots, more PMS, more stagnation. The body works best at around 37 degrees, so we need to keep ourselves warm, especially our feet and our bellies and eat warming and nourishing foods. In Chinese Medicine the meridians that reach your reproductive organs begin in the feet, so wear slippers and socks and avoid contact with cold surfaces.

Do you have advice for my 12 year old daughter going on a camp with water activities?

My daughter is going to be on school camp when she has her period. It's a 12 day wilderness camp with various water activities. Of course, she's terrified! She isn't able to use tampons (she's only 15 and cannot get the hang of inserting them), so she'll be using her usual Drion pads.  Do you have any recommendations how she should cope with an overnight rafting trip and some deep water activities? 

As an acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner I don’t recommend that your daughter swims on her period (see previous FAQ above for a full explanation about this). It is especially not good for young women to do this when their hormonal life is not properly developed. I know that will be very difficult for her when she is on camp and you and she must make her own decisions. If she does choose to swim, use a pad, and put a new one in when she is dry, and take more supplies than usual.

Why don't you stock tampons, or products you can swim with?

When we are having our period, the energetic flow of blood and Qi is downwards and outwards. The body wants to clear out the products of menstruation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Inserting a tampon into the vagina interrupts that flow and causes a backup of blood that can go back into the reproductive tract and cause stagnation and inflammation in the pelvis. Blood outside of the reproductive tract becomes bacterial and can more easily cause infection if a tampon is kept inside for longer periods of time.

Drion does not have tampons in its range for good reasons:

  • Blocks the natural energetic flow of blood and Qi causing stagnation and menstrual/fertility issues.
  • Dries out all the natural self cleaning and lubricating fluids in the vagina making it more open to bacterial infections, and makes having sex more uncomfortable.
  • Inserting and pulling out tampons can cause little micro tears in the vaginal wall, leaving an opening for bacteria to enter the whole body via the blood. This is how toxic shock syndrome is caused.

If you are using toxic products containing dioxin, pesticides and plastics – these nasties enter the body through the vaginal tissues which are the thinnest and most absorbent in the whole body. Over time trace amounts of these toxins impair the immune, endocrine and reproductive systems. Why would you put your health at such risk?

Should I have sex on my period?

Taking the logic of tampons interfering with the natural downward and outward movement of blood and energy, I would not advise having sex while on your period. It will cause more stagnation and possible retrograde bleeding (blood going back into the reproductive tract) and more possibility of infection getting into the body via any micro tears in the vaginal wall that may occur during intercourse. Then the body needs to deal with absorbing and semen when it wants to be detoxifying and clearing out the uterus lining. This puts another load on the immune system at this vulnerable time.

Not many women feel like having sex when they are menstruating, but some can feel quite sexy and aroused. Self-pleasuring is helpful for releasing tension and stagnation – so go to it ladies!