Is Drion Right For Me?

At last, a new generation of sanitary pads that ticks all the boxes!

  • Chemical free ... no chlorine, dioxin, plastics or other toxic nasties!
  • Slim pads with a dry and warm feel - you don't know you are wearing one!
  • Ultra absorbent - No embarrassing moments as pine resin polymers lock in moisture for comfort and confidence!
  • Signature green tourmaline strip with negative ions and far infrared energy minimises odours and supports health and wellbeing
  • Absolutely sanitary - individually sealed pads and liners within re-sealable packs!
  • Each pack contains a FREE vaginal PH self-test kit
  • A healthy alternative to tampons
  • Easy on the environment - biodegradable & compostable


About Drion Sanitary Products

Eco-friendly Negative ions Ultra-absorbent

Drion NZ distribute sanitary pads and pantiliners that are anatomically designed for health conscious women. Our Sydney based parent company, Drion AU is 100% Australian owned. 

Drion sanitary products are hypoallergenic, ultra-absorbent and technologically advanced, and support menstrual comfort. They contain a green strip infused with far infrared rays and negative ions. Drion sanitary products also help minimise vaginal odours.

What Are Far Infrared Rays?

Invisible to the human eye, far infrared rays produce gentle energetic vibrations (over 30 per second) that create warmth supporting healthy metabolism in tissues and cells.

What Are Negative ions?

Derived from the Greek word meaning up, negative ions are atoms with more electrons than protons. They are thought to have unique properties and are believed to support energy levels and positive mood.

Negative ions are abundant in natural environments such as the oceans, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, forests and after meteorological events such as lightning storms.

Conversely cations, atoms with more protons than electrons, are prevalent in man made environments such as homes, shopping malls and workplaces where computers, smart phones, wi-fi networks, artificial lighting and microwaves are commonplace. Cations can contribute to feelings of lethargy, tiredness and irritability.

How do Negative ions work in Drion Sanitary Products?

In every Drion sanitary pad and liner there is a signature green tourmaline strip that contains over 6100 negative ions per cubic centimetre. When this strip comes into contact with menstrual blood, it releases negative ions that may support wellbeing.

Why Doesn't Drion Supply Tampons?

Tampons block the natural downward and outward flow of menstrual blood, causing the blood to back-up and stagnate, which often contribute to discomfort.

On insertion tampons can cause micro tears in the vaginal canal, making it vulnerable to bacterial infection. On removal, fibres often separate and are left behind in the vagina. Tampons also unavoidably dry out the lubricating and self-cleaning fluids that the vagina naturally produces. Note: Non-organic tampons can leak toxic chemicals into the vagina which may also cause irritations. 

The vagina is without doubt the most absorbent and sensitive part of a women's body, so for good menstrual health Drion doesn't stock or recommend using tampons - even organic ones!

What is the impact of Drion Sanitary Products on the environment?

Hygienically wrapped and sealed in organic paper, Drion organic sanitary products pose no toxic threat to women or the environment, and unlike most competitors’ products, they are recyclable and compostable under the correct conditions.

Drion sanitary products are free from the myriad of chemicals and potential allergens used by most other brands. These nasties include artificial dyes, chlorine, dioxins, GMO’s, rayon, viscose, carbon disulphide, sulphuric acid, phthalates, pesticides and herbicides, odour neutralizers and synthetic adhesives.

Drion sanitary products contain organic pine resin polymers and an organic food grade natural starch adhesive which are both 100% biodegradable.

What are some the other benefits of Drion sanitary products compared to competitors’ products?

1. Absorbency

Drion sanitary products can quickly absorb up to 150mls of menstrual blood, and still feel dry to touch and comfortable to wear. In comparison, most competitors’ products only absorb between 10-50mls of menstrual blood and poorly retain the fluid, so they become uncomfortable and need replacing sooner.

The ultra-absorbency of Drion sanitary products makes them ideal for heavier flows, post birth care and for light bladder leakage.

To view comparative absorbency demonstrations, click here.

2. Superior Packaging

Drion sanitary products are supplied in resealable packs, whereas most competitors’ products cannot be resealed once opened, and they use plastic.

Furthermore every Drion pad and pantiliner is hygienically sealed so they remain sanitary at all times. In comparison, most competitors’ products are not sealed which creates the risk of contamination from bacteria, black mould and other nasties when kept in warm damp bathrooms, office drawers, gym bags, lockers, glove boxes and hand bags.

Note: Using unsanitary sanitary products can contribute to increased bleeding and cramping, irregular menstrual flow, abdominal pain, hormonal and endocrine system disruption, nausea, headaches and mood swings.

3. Longevity and Cost Effective Value

As Drion sanitary pads and pantiliners as are ultra-absorbent, women can wear them for longer (a Drion day pad can be comfortably worn all day) and they don't need to changed as often as other brands.

This represents good value for women and a win for the environment!