Drion Ultra-absorbent Day Pads - Out Dated Stock Sale

Drion Ultra-absorbent Day Pads - Out Dated Stock Sale

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Drion Ultra-absorbent Day Pads

Short Dated Stock Expires 16/04/2018 - as part of ISO manufacturing standards, Drion places an expiry date on its sanitary products 3 years from date of manufacture, however being sanitary products, they don’t 'go off'.

Please note:

  • our products remain the only ones that are individually wrapped and sealed, and contained inside re-sealable packs.
  • The negative ion strip will only activate when in contact with the warmth and moisture of the body.
  • It’s totally safe use them.
  • We have hugely discounted the price of our short dated stock, so you can comfortably enjoy them for a super low price!

Ideal for normal day or night flows, post birth or incontinence, Drion Day Pads are natural, comfortable, ultra absorbent and eco-friendly! 

  • 100% chemical free – no chlorine or dioxins.
  • Slim form fitting organic cotton – anatomically designed for superior comfort
  • No slippage - natural food grade adhesive ensures pad stays in place
  • Contains signature green tourmaline strip with far infrared rays and negative ions – supports hormonal balance and minimises odors
  • Individually sealed within re-sealable packs
  • Each pack contains FREE vaginal PH self test kit
  • Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and compostable
  • Healthy hygienic alternative to tampons
  • Moisture locks inside the pad for confidence and peace of mind
  • Drion Day pads are 240mm long and can be worn all day long
  • Each Drion Day pad pack contains 10 individually sealed pads